Caring for Creation

“To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth”


This is one of the 5 Marks of Mission for the Anglican Communion and at All Hallows we are working on how as individuals and as a Church Community we can work towards achieving this.This includes looking at how we manage our Churchyard - for more information about this please click on the link to the left of this page. 


We started thinking about this with serious intent at a service in November 2021 which coincided with the COP26 event. At this service we discussed how we could reduce our impact on the environment and live in a more sustainable way.  At the service the leaflet produced by Green Christians – ‘Nine ways to live gently on the Earth’ – was shared with the congregation. A summary is available below and the full leaflet can be found here. 

The focus in 2023 is to look at how we can be more energy efficient in how we run the church and how we can ensure our churchyard is a haven for wildlife and nature (see link on left).

Nine ways to live 


We have set up a  notice board at the back of Church with information, hints and tips and people at the service were asked to make an environmental pledge and these are displayed on the board. Pledges include  eating less meat, not buying any new clothes for at least a year, walk instead of driving, look into buying solar panels, garden organically, recycle more and avoid buying things with excess packaging.  


Caring for Creation Notice Board


A good way to start is to use your LOAF when buying products:


            L - Locally produced 

            O -Organically grown

            A - Animal friendly

            F – Fairly traded 



Recycle bins We have also placed two recycle bins in   Church for products that are difficult for people to recycle at home. So, please bring along any of the following and use our recycle bins:


·      Medical blister packs, plastic pill bottles, vitamin bottle, plastics vials and plastic syringes (no sharps and emptied of liquids and washed out)

·      PPE – masks, plastic gloves and visors

·      Lateral flow testing kits – put the entire used kit in the plastic bag provided & seal  

·      Eyewear

·      Unrecyclable bathroom waste e.g toothbrushes, dental floss, bottles and tubes

·      Party supplies 

·      Pens 


The notice board is regularly updated with topical hints and ideas. But we want more ideas and people to challenge what we are doing to ensure that we out sustainability at the heart of all we do. 


We are looking at the products we use around the church to ensure that they are environmentally friendly and fair trade – one unexpected challenge is how to avoiding using oasis in flower arrangements ! We are asking people not to use plastic and non-biodegradable items in our churchyard. 


Together with the Mother’s Union we are putting together information for wedding couples on how they can plan a more sustainable wedding. More about this to follow. 


We will be holding special Creation themed service when there is a 5th Sunday in the month.  


There is much to do and we know we will have some challenges along the way, not least how we can protect and heat our medieval church in a more sustainable way. Please help us along this journey.  


For more information check out these websites: – Green Christian is an organisation for Christians who are concerned about the environment and its websites has details of campaigns and events and resources to help you live more sustainably. – includes details of buying Fair Trade products