A Prayer for the Church at Mitton 

When our previous curate, Revd, Karen Herschell, celebrated her last service at All Hallows, she gave us the following prayer. 

"To the Church at Mitton. I know your steadfastness and endurance; your week by week faith and commitment. You are saints of welcome; adaptable and open and have a gift of inclusion.

But I say to you now, be bold and courageous. Do not be afraid to take risks - listen to My Heart, come to Me in prayer and I will guide you, lead you and strengthen you. For I know the plans I have for this place; come to Me and I will show you - listen and heed My Voice. 

Let My Word go out to be heard, lean on Me, depend on Me. For I am your God and you are rooted and grounded in LOVE. 

All Hallows congregation bid farewell to Revd. Karen Herschell