Tower Repairs - Work completed!

west Tower repaired -med

We are delighted that the repairs to the West Tower of our beautiful medieval church have been completed.

 During the  winter of 2015/6  with the heavy rain, the West Tower  sustained damage which led to a significant problem with water ingress. This affected both the external state of the mortar and stone work of the West Tower  and caused water damage to the plaster and paint work inside the west end of the building. 

The cost of repairing the damage and making the Tower water-tight was in excess of £60,000. The repair work was started in July 16 and completed by the end of October. We are very thankful for the excellent work and craftsmanship of Pinnacle Stonemasonry and our architect, Tony Keeble. 

About a third of the cost of the repairs have been covered by our insurers, a further third by the generosity of our parishioners and charities. The remainder has been paid for  from our own funds. 

 Gift Day - July 2016 

Our Treasurer, Sue Dugdale is delighted to receive the donations given on our Gift Day on 10th July 16, from the Revd. Geoff Dearden.